Kutemwa Foundation, Inc.
Empowering communites in Sub-Saharan Africa

Frequently asked questions

Here we have answered some common questions not only about Kutemwa, but about donating in general. If you have remaining questions or comments please reach out!
  1. Who are the students of the Kondwa Centre, PaKachele School, and Seko Village?
    Students who attend these schools or live in Seko Village come from the Ng'ombe compound and are either single or double orphans, or are considered 'vulnerable' children; meaning they may have parent(s) who are sick and unable to care for them. Students at the Kondwa Centre range between 2-3 and 7 years of age. The PaKachele School teaches students between 8-13. Children of all ages live at Seko Village.
  2. What percentage of my donation actually goes to the schools?
    96.5% - 100%! We are committed to not only providing as much assistance as we can to these schools, but to also ensuring a different kind of donation experience for you. We do not want to take away from either experience by taking a fee or other value away. Cash and check donations will have the full amount donated, while those processed by PayPal or Square may be subject to up to a 3.5% fee for the credit card processing. At Kutemwa, we do not take any fee or compensation.
  3. Where is the Ng'ombe Compound located, and what is it like to live there?
    The Ng'ombe Compound is located just outside the nation's capital, Lusaka. It is a densely populated informal settlement to an estimated 90,000 people. Approximately 38% of individuals living there lack access to clean water, and about 60% share unprotected, outdoor bathrooms. The unemployment rate is very high and jobs are often scarce and inconsistent. The compound has only one government school and one clinic. Hopelessness plagues the population as there is little chance for advancement.
  4. What level of contact can I have with the child or children I sponsor?
    We would love to provide as much information and communication as we can between you and the child or children your sponsor. Very few, if any, of these students have access to the internet, and the majority of the communication is done through the school's director, Angela. If you would like to send a letter or items please let us know and we can be sure they arrive in the right place.
  5. Why should I donate to children in Zambia when we have problems here at home?
    This is a great question that doesn't necessarily have a correct answer. For us at Kutemwa, we have seen the difference in the relative level of poverty between students in Ng'ombe and those in the US. These students are often orphans with no stable home life who subsist on very little food and water per day. Here in the US we have many wonderful organizations that work to combat issues like child hunger, and those simply don't exist in Lusaka. We believe all of these issues are important and deserve attention, but for now we have made a commitment to the children of Ng'ombe.
  6. Your Question Here!
    Please reach out to us if you have other questions, and we will be happy to answer them for you!