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Tuition Fees

Currently, tuition fees are about $40 per child. This fee includes daily breakfast, lunch, and a snack throughout the day, as well as basic school supplies like exercise books, pencils and crayons for the school year.

School Uniforms

Each child is provided with a school uniform including pants or a dress, a shirt, a sweater, and shoes. The total cost of these items is about $13.
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While the provision of meals and access to an education are of the utmost importance to us, we also recognize that kids need to be kids! In the past we have provided basketballs, baseball equipment, jumpropes, facepaint, coloring books, parachute games and so much more so that these kids can play carefree like they deserve! While we don't believe you can put a price on fun, feel free to designate your contribution to these activities!

Teaching Aides

Zambia recognizes specific course books as appropriate for each school age, and your contribution will help ensure that the teachers have these books and the other necessary teaching materials (chalk, pens, calculators, etc.) to effectively teach their students. This figure varies by classroom and age of the students, but we estimate the cost to be about $6-$7 per child.
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Options for Donating
If you do decide to donate to the Kutemwa Foundation, (thank you!), you have several options for making your contribution.

You may donate a set amount with no specific designation. Whether your budget allows $1 or $100, we will be happy to allocate it to the area of most need.

You can donate based on the breakdown above. You can designate your $40 to cover the tuition of a student for a year, or $13 to cover their uniform and shoes. It's up to you! Just make sure to include a note with your donation.
You can designate your donation to go toward the sponshorship of a secondary or higher education student. Whether you can donate the full amount or a portion, we will be sure the money gets to the appropriate student.

We want you to have control over your investment in these children's futures, so please, if you have a specific area in mind that you would like your money to go to, please let us know!

  1. Face painting at the Kondwa Centre!
  2. Baseball at PaKachele
  3. PaKachele kids
  4. On the Kondwa Centre playground
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