Kutemwa Foundation, Inc.
Empowering communites in Sub-Saharan Africa
About Us

Who We Are & Our Mission

Kutemwa Foundation, Inc. was founded in February of 2016 as an organization to help empower the students, faculty, staff and other community members involved with the Kondwa Centre, PaKachele School, and Seko Village in the Ng'ombe Compound, Lusaka, Zambia.

Founder and President, Molly Banis, first visited and worked with these schools in July-August 2013 and was drawn to the culture of the school and kindness of the students, staff, and community members they support. Most notably, she was inspired by Angela Malik, the woman who started these schools from scratch in the early 2000's.

Our goal is to provide support to these schools so that they may continue to serve the orphaned and vulnerable children of the Ng'ombe compound.

The Kondwa Centre:

The Kondwa Centre was opened in September of 2000 and offers early learning, nourishing meals, and psychosocial care and support to orphaned and vulnerable children from the ages of 3 to 7 years. Kondwa means 'be happy'.

PaKachele School:
The PaKachele School was opened in February of 2010 to help the orphans and vulnerable children of the Ng'ombe compound, specifically those who have outgrown the Kondwa Centre, to continue their education. The school teaches Grade 1 through Grade 7 and also offers the same nourishing meals and psychosocial and counselling services as Kondwa.
Seko Village:

Seko Village was opened in February of 2009 to help combat the gender inequality faced by girls in the area. Many girls were being kept behind from school to help with chores or set for an early marriage, and the Village provides housing, meals, educational support and overall guidance to orphaned children of the Ng'ombe compound. In 2015, after seeing how many boys also needed this structure, the Village accepted male orphans. Currently, the housemothers of Seko Village oversee about 20 children. Seko means 'smile'.
PaKachele School, May 2015